Friday, 5 October 2012

FFS Friday

So we went on holidays for 4 nights. We didn't swim on the first 2 days, we have 3 more days right? It rained for the last 3 days FFS
It's supposed to be The Sunshine Coast FFS
We had to go and buy jumpers it was that damn cold FFS
Since we got home it's been stinking friggin hot FFS
The whole household is sick now with the flu FFS
 Having the flu in warm weather really sucks FFS
I must have been crazy when I booked a 2 bedroom cabin for 4 kids and 2 adults FFS
The baby slept very well in the porta cot, I didn't sleep for more then an hour the whole 4 nights FFS
Since being home the baby has now decided not to sleep in her cot, it's much more fun to stand up at the side now we can do that FFS
Of course she has no idea how to get back down again, so she just lets go and falls FFS
The 2 hours of sleep I got between 4.30 am and 6.30am this morning is the most sleep I've had in 7 nights FFS
And the worst thing? School goes back Monday FFS

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  1. I followed your FFS link here.

    I'm having a bit of sleep deprivation too, but not nearly as bad as yours. I hope you get some sleep soon

    1. Thanks JustHeather! On the 8th night there was SLEEP! The 9th night we won't talk about however!

  2. Haha We used to live in the Sunny Coast! Family down with flu always feels terrible. Hope you guys get well soon x

    1. Thanks Mandy! Everyone is finally getting better!

  3. Sickness and no sleep are 2 of my favorite things!! We do not go away anymore as neither of my kids sleep when we are away!! Hope you are all bettr soon!!

    1. Thanks Ann. The kids (and hubby) always sleep fine anywhere, it's just me who can't sleep anywhere but home!