Thursday, 30 December 2010

Books read in 2011

1 Conspiracy 365 October
2 Conspiracy 365 November
3 Conspiracy 365 December
4 One True Thing
5 The Things That Keep Us Here
6 Dear John
7 Beautiful Malice
8 Life as we knew it
9 The Dead and the gone
10 Mortal Remains (Temperance!)
11 No way to say goodbye
12 promises to Keep
13 The Postmistress
14Summer on Blossom st
15 Flush
16 Our enemy my friend
17 A Secret Word
18 Emmas baby
19 Candy
20 So what if I'm broken?
21 Beneath the Shadows
22 Building Brisbanes History
23 Life as we knew it
24 A darker Music
25 Lessons in Letting Go
26 Omega Park
27 An Accidental Terrorist
28 Sing you Home
29 Goodnight Beautiful
30 Left Neglected
31 The Night Bookmobile
32 Some one Else's son
33 Old Boyfriends
34 The Submerged Cathedral
35 Slow Cooking Sally Wise
36 The Pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs
37 Bruce and Me
38 Blessings
39 Room (ebook)
40 Indelible Ink
41 Postcards from your lover
42 Come back to me
43 What Alice forgot
44 Angel Puss
45 Cloud Atlas
46 4th of July
47 5th Horseman
48 6th Target (ebook)
49 7th heaven
50 8th Confession (ebook)
51 9th Judgement (ebook)
52 10th anniversary (ebook)
53 Freeing Grace
54 Under the Influence
55 Black ice
56 Watch the world burn
57 Dash and Lily's book of dares
58 Trapped
59 Our father who art in a tree
60 Planning with Kids
61 Missing you Love Sara
62 Dead Lovely
63 Be careful what you wish for
64 One Book Many Brisbanes 6
65 Alice Bliss
66 Flash and Bones
67 Crossing Paths
68 We need to talk about Kevin
69 The Dickinson Papers
70 When you reach me (ebook)
71 To Love Honour and Betray
72 Six pack (nz bookweek writing)
73 Rescue
74 the color of Tea
75 Me of the never never
76 The sky is everywhere (ebook)
77 Good to a fault
78 In a perfect world
79 Moby duck
80 misconceptions
81 one summer
82 Water for Elephants (ebook)
83 Charley's web
84 Kill Alex Cross (ebook)
85 This world we live in

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Book Giveaway

Writers Blog NZ is giving away a copy of "Girl saves Boy" which looks like a great book, written by Steph Bowe who is just 16 years old! I was only looking at this book in a bookstore only a few days ago and wrote the name down in my notebook.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

What to do Winter school holidays Brisbane

Queensland Museum Brisbane Insectarium
Enter a world of discovery filled with colour and pattern
Gold coin donation entry
28 June-9 July

Kids Big Day Out
Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Cootha
Sunday 4th July 1oam-2pm
Free event
Traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander games
Stilt walkers
Bat care Brisbane
Puppet show
Wildlife presentations
Story telling and much more

Wizards and Witches Express
The Workshops railway museum Ipswich
Until July 18th

Spooky Science Day
Workshops Railway Museum Ipswich
July 8th

School Holiday Fun at Roma Street Parklands
28th June-2 July 10am-2pm
Free activities if you show your Translink ticket or gocard
or Gold Coin Donation
Jumping castle
Barnyard Babes

Friday, 29 January 2010

Who killed Dave?

This was the funniest book I have read in a long time, it was great to find a book that hadn't been Americanised at all.
Kind of like a cross between Neighbours, Cop Shop, Comedy Company and Kath and Kim.
We've all lived near a "Dave" or a "Dorothy" at some stage though I haven't met any blind phone sex workers, not yet anyway!
Completely different to Linda Cockburns last book that's for sure!
This book had me giggling often, rather embarassing on the bus!
A book you'd have to read to get the jokes, but not for the easily offended. I won't be passing this book on to my Mum!