Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Why don't you write me, A letter would brighten My loneliest evening.

This month I am participating in Lettermo !
I was so pleased that AlkalineKiwi from Bookcrossing posted about it on facebook, so I found Lettermo in time to start.
Seeing as our mail days here don't match theirs (no Saturday mail here sadly) and their holidays are different, I decided to just write something every day of the month.
So half way through and I have sent 25 items so far. One of those got returned in the mail.
I haven't received any mail from lettermo participants but then I am on the other side of the world from most of them!
I'm having fun finding people to send things to!
I've forgotten to take photos of everything I have sent so here's just some of my outgoing mail.

Some of the sites/blogs  I have found people to send things to are-

Monday, 11 February 2013

C'mon deliver the letter, the sooner, the better...

The Indextrious Reader is hosting this cool Reading Challenge.
Read 4,8 or 12 Postal themed books and review them.

I've just finished reading "Every Boy's got one" by Meg Cabot, which I *think* qualifies as postal themed, it's written in lots of diary entries, PDA entries, Blackberry emails and telegraphs.

It's typical light, funny Cabot, suitable for older teens but still amusing for adults, a good book to read when you need a rest from heavier books. 
I liked the way it was written with the main character Jane, writing in her journal while still having conversations, (I've no idea how she wrote that fast though) and the parts about her cat "The Dude" were hilarious. 
I'm not sure you can take a cat directly from the USA to Italy, surely there'd be quarantine issues there, but it was set in 2005 I guess. 

Other Books I might read for the challenge include-
Feeling sorry for Celia (read)
Daddy long legs and Dear Enemy (Bc book and ebook)
Dear Zoe *library
Next to Love (read)
You gotta have balls (bc book)
Tom the outback mailman * library
The Baker st Letters *library
13 little blue envelopes (ebook)
Going Postal ?
A local post office history book *library
The Distant Hours ?
92 Pacific Boulevard (bc book)
50 harbour street (bc book)
The Prodigal sister (mums)
The Shelly beach writers group (mums)
Perks of being a wallflower ?
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (bc book)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tea and Toast

It's been 3 months today and I still can't believe it most days.
Everytime I wish for the weekend to come faster, I stop and wish time would stand still instead, every day and week takes us further from when you were with us last.

3 of the kids have turned a year older with you being there, H started walking and the next grandbaby will be here very soon. H's Christening and Christmas were both so hard without you.

I miss talking to you on the phone, nobody else cares about the details like you did.
Reading your books makes me sad that you aren't here to tell me what you think about them.
I'm lonely with you and never again seems so impossible.
I wish I'd asked you more questions, nobody else knows the answers now.
I wish we'd known we didn't have much time left.
I wish I'd visited you more especially that last week.
I wish we knew what you wanted done with things.

I'm glad you were here for all 5 of my children being born.
And so many birthdays and other special days.
I'm sorry about the bad things I did, the times I just didn't think.
I'm sorry I was a horrible teenager.
I hope you know how much we all love you.
I hope you know how much dad loved you.

We're all a bit lost without you.
You were our glue.

I miss you so much.