Sunday, 26 August 2012

Well, I guess I'm freaking forty....

Inspired by Tiff's post at Mythreeringcircus ....

I'll be 40 in just under a month, I haven't really thought about what I want to do on my birthday or even what I want for presents. I already have all that I want really.

I'd like some washi tape I guess, new books are always welcome, and maybe some perfume.

I'd also like- to go to the bathroom without anyone knocking on the door, a whole nights sleep and to solve all the problems in my life at the moment, all these are unlikely!

What I will get is a day with my family, no matter what we do or who is or isn't here, someone will say something cute, someone will do something nice, the baby will give me her beautiful smile and I won't have to cook dinner!

Like Tiff I have a list of things to do. I want to learn to drive, I want to see more of Australia, maybe go back to New Zealand again one day.

I always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon but I'm too scared to do things like that anymore.

Some things I have done in my life-
I have given birth 5 times, 2 "naturally" and 3 csections.
Been pregnant 6 times.
Watched a friend give birth.
Been married twice
Had a church wedding
Been in a abusive relationship
Been a bridesmaid twice
I've had skin cancer
Been a "troubled" teen
Won 3 holidays including a "money can't buy experience"
Had a poem published in a book
Went to New Zealand 3 times and went on a ferry between the 2 islands.
Been in an advertising shoot for a book publishing company.
Walked under the Brisbane River
Travelled on the first electric train out of our town.
Been in an icebar, a gondola,a hovercraft and in a train drivers cabin.
Been on lots of camps.
I was on tv once, 
I went to Open day at Expo 88.
I've volunteered at school,at the War Veterans home, for Endeavour, and at Riverfestival.
I've Lived at 18 addresses
I've been a sister, a friend,a wife,a girlfriend, a mother, an aunt, a daughter and a granddaughter.
I've made many mistakes and done some dangerous things.

I'm sure there's a lot more to come... I wonder what the next 40 years has in store for me?

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Eight Days a Week...

I wish I had eight days in a week! I might be tempted to use that 8th day to sleep though!

I'm a listmaker. I also have a diary and an iphone.

I use reminders on my iphone a lot as well as the calendar. I know I can somehow sync an online calendar with my iphone but I'm not clever enough to have worked out how exactly.

My diary is a Mum's Memory there are a couple of small things I don't like about it but mostly it works for me. I spent a long time looking at diaries before buying the MM. I've had the MM 2 years in a row now.
One of my main problems is that it's just too big to carry around with me. So it stays on my desk and I check it every day and try to write appointments in straight away.

I also bought an InnerB Mums agenda in a lovely pink but I haven't actually used it yet. If MM ever stops being made then I'll buy a refill for the IB.

A friend of mine made her own diary using a Levenger journal and some ideas from DIYPlanner.

Some other diaries I considered were-

Tiny Me Design your own
Personal Planner

There are so many family organisers available. I've tried a few different things, I have a magnetic whiteboard family planner but I don't really use it. 

I've made our own family folder with ideas from some of these sites-

My Org
Did You Remember the Milk?
FlyladyOrganise your life

I keep our takeaway menus in it as well as school papers like tuckshop lists, uniform price lists etc.
There's also a section for family holiday ideas and a section for menu planning.
I also have copies of any organising printables I find on the net.

For menu planning I'm currently using a 5 week planner from Picklebums blog.
Kate has lots of useful printables on her blog (as well as some great family recipes!).

I find working our meals 5 weeks ahead works well for us at the moment. I can write a shopping list each week a lot quicker and I can swap meals around if I need to.

These things all help me stay organised to some extent but I could still do with that extra day!