Sunday, 20 July 2008

Books read 2004

Books read 2004
Everythings Eventual
Lord of the rings2
The guardian
The usual Rules
Eleven Hours
Blue Diary
Don't let her see me cry
Diary of a mad mother to be
Small acts of kindness
Barry Trotter
Diary of a mad bride
The society Murders
My story A different sort of real
My story 2 different families
My story Plague and federation
My story A banner bold
Man and boy
Man and wife
My story Snowy
My story surviving sydney cove
My story Fords and flying machines
My story The bombing of darwin
Bare Bones
I'm not scared
Tooth and claw
My story Who am I?
My story the yankee whaler
My story Rum rebellion
My story on board the bousoulle
Oh to be a marching girl
The carriage house
The bride stripped bare
West of the blue gums
The alphabet sisters
So many books so little time
My sisters keeper
Barry trotter and the unneccesary sequel
When the wattles bloom
When the bough breaks
Song of susannnah
Hannahs gift
The girl most likely
Expecting Emily
The singing Bird
Keeping faith
Interpreter of maladies (bcrossing)
The wrong door
Jessica (bcrossing)
Monday Mourning
Three wishes
The davinci code
Songs of the humpback whale
Perfect Victim
The friendship cake ( bcrossing)
Visible panty line
A peculiar chemistry
The red tent (bcrossing)
Eat Cake
Inheriting Jack
Walking Naked
The true and outstanding adventures of the hunt sisters
The five photos of my wife (bookcrossing)
The bad mothers handbook
Peeling the onion
Like water for chocolate
The curious incident of the dog in the night time
Dying for Cake
Starting from square two
He died with a felafel in his hand
Name and Address withheld
Sacking the stork
It's not you, it's me
Rabbit proof fence
Skipping christmas
Diary of a mad housewife
The solomon sisters wise up
the naked husband
the five people you meet in heaven
recipes for easy living

Books read 2005

1Spellbound (My sisters copy)
2 The Great Gatsby
3 Nine Months
4 Forrest Gump
5 Praise
6 Adultery
7 Diary (Library copy)
8 The tasmanian Babes Fiasco (Library copy)
9 The bad beginnning
10 PS I Love you (Library copy)
11 Letters from the Inside
12 The Dark tower
13 1988
14 The white Earth (Library copy)
15 The Road to the dark tower
16 Matthew Flinders Cat
17 The year of living famously
18 The other woman (My sisters copy)
19 Whose wedding is it anyway?
20 No 1 Ladies detective agency
Tuesdays With morrie
22 The Sooterkin
23 Life of Pi
24 Sickened
25 Feeling Sorry for Celia
26 Angel Rock
27 Swimming in Silk
28 I have a bed made of buttermilk pancakes
29 Letters for Emily
30 Finding Cassie Crazy
31 The Kingdom where nobody dies (library copy)
32 Extraordinary lives of Ordinary People (library copy)
33 The Witches
34 Hating Alison Ashley (My daughters copy)
35 84 Charing Cross Road
36 Firehead
37 Jacks story
38 Looking for Andrew McCarthy
39 The Lambing Flat
40 Puberty Blues
Playing Beatie Bow
Bookcrossing through Middle Earth
43 The Secret Life of Bees (library copy)
44 Homeland
45 Bridget Jones's Diary:The Edge of Reason
46 The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy and 5 other stories
47 Year of wonders
48 Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince (My sons copy)
49 The Time Traveller's Wife
50 The Year of living Aimlessly (my sisters)
51 Swimming Upstream
52 Pay it Forward
53 Faith Singer
54 Tomorrow when the war began
55 The Dead of the night
56 The third day, the frost
57 Darkness be my Friend
58 The Wendy House
59 Burning for Revenge (library copy)
60 The night is for hunting
61 The Other side of Dawn
62 While I live:The Ellie Chronicles (library copy)
63 Angels in the Architecture
64 The Sunday Philosophy club" (didn't finish it)
65 Marry me
66 No Safe Place
67 Killing Superman
68 Shiver
69 Checkers
70 Tales from a Broad
71 I Knit Water (library copy)
72 Words to walk by
73 The Devil wears Prada
74 The magicians Son
75 887 ideas for busy families
76 Catalyst
77 Just One Tear
78 The Whalers Garden
79 Spin Cycle
80 Drip Dry
81 Odd socks (library copy)
82 The Girl with a Pearl Earring
83 The Jane Austen Book Club
84 Nightmare on Norfolk
85 Olivia Joules and the overactive Imagination
86 The Childstone Cycle
87 Bloody Brisbane
88 Incurable: The Ellie Chronicles (library copy)
89 Winter
90 The Mommy Chronicles (library copy)
91 Lucky
92 The Colorado Kid (library copy)
93 The Inner Circle
94 The Reading group (library copy)
95 The Magicians Nephew
96 The Lion the witch and the wardrobe
97 The horse and his boy
98 Prince Caspian
99 Voyage of the dawn Treader
100 The Silver Chair
101 The Last Battle
102 Vanishing Acts

Books read 2006

1The Thompson Gunner (I cheated and skimmed throught the 2nd half)(library copy)
2The private Life of the cat who (library copy)
3 peepshow
4 If only it were true (library copy)
5 A wrinkle in time
6 Rubdown
7 The sisterhood of the travelling pants
8 Laylas Story
9 The second summer of the sisterhood
10 Cell
11 Tully
12 Dear venny, Dear Saffron (library copy)
13 The man who ate a 747
14 Lost and found
15 Cloudstreet ARC
16 The True Green of Hope
17 The Prophecy of the gems ARC
18 The Bone people ARC
19 the tenko Club
20 Grace
21 My Story Riding with Thunderbolt
22 My Story A Marathon of her own
23 My Story Our Don Bradman
24 My Story Africa World war 2
25 Cocaine Blues
26 The Jerilderie Letter
27 We need to talk about Kevin
28 Behind the Scenes at the museum ARC
29 Stepford Wives
30 Tirra Lirra by the river ARC
31 The Orange Girl
32 Red Thread (library copy)
33 The year Nick McGowan came to stay
34 Usher
35 Njunjul the sun (library copy) ARC
36 Who killed Angelique
37 Who Killed Bianca
38 Who killed Camilla
39 Picnic at Hanging rock
40 Home from Home
41 Confessions of a reformed Dieter
42 The Shark Net ARC
43 The Secret History ARC
44 The idea Of Perfection ARC
45 In my fathers Den
46 Holes
47 Bush Oranges
48 Johnno
49 Flying High
50 My Story Darwin
51 Paper Nautilus
52 My story Outback
53 How I live Now
54 Three dog night
55 The Tenth Circle
56 The Alchemist
57 Firehouse
58 Romeo of the Underworld
59 Hotel Bellevue
60 The house on River Terrace
61 Little twist of texas
62 Monica Bloom
63 She's come Undone
64 The Tiger Project
65 Under the Mulberry tree
66 The Naked Heart
67 I know this much is true
68 Absolutely Faking It
69 Lisey's Story
70 The five people you meet in Hell
71 Never Let me go
72 Eucalyptus (quit half way due to inducing narcolepsy)
73 Dragonkeeper
74 New Zealand DK Guide
75 A guide to Fraser Island
76 Literary Trivia
77 The Good Web site Guide 2005 (Uk version and it lists bookcrossing as started in UK!)
78 Lonely Planet Adelaide and South Australia
79 101 things to do before you die
80 Story Bridge Idea to Icon
81 Signspotting
82 UntouristBrisbane
83 Kiwis might Fly
84 Blackwattle Road (Edited to add that I finished it 4 hours before 2007!)

Books read 2007

Books read 2007
One Sunday
Strange Rain
One More River to Cross
The Long Road of the Junkmailer
The Road
The Vintners Luck
Bookcrossing through Middleearth
Farewell my Ovaries
Journey To Eureka
Odd One Out
The Bone Flute
Whale Rider
Ella Minnow Pea
Bad Twin
Sharing Blood
Speak Softly, she'll hear
Chickenfeed ----20
Happy Birthday and all that
Caught in the Headlights
Each Way Bet
Bones (tv series tie in)
Nights of rain and Stars
Only a Mother could love him
Three weeks in Bali
Cherry Pie
The secret dreamworld of a shopoholic (I hate Bex)
Nineteen Minutes
Under the Green Moon
A wedding in December
Baby Daze (read about 1/3 of it)
The Denniston Rose
To the boy in Berlin
Bend in the river ---40
My Story Refugee
Somehow form a family
Crime and Tide Brisbane River Mysteries
Murder Under the Mangoes
Peril under the Pandanus
The Motorcycle cafe
Heart of Coal
Catching the Current
Fly the Rebel Flag Battle at Eureka
Break No Bones ---50
Murder by Water
The lime bar (quit half way through as it sucked!)
Three dirty women and the garden of death (quit half way through as it is very badly written)
The book thief
Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows
Earthly Delights
One Book Many Brisbanes
Red Velvet Memoirs of a working girl
Bridge to Terabithia
Bubbles Ablaze
Joel and Cat set the Story Straight
For love and a Beetle
Bubbles in Trouble
Bubbles Unbound
Bad to the Bones Qld crimewriters
Light on Snow
The Phillip Island Murder
Ticket to Trouble
The Bizarre death of Karla Borsch (1/2) --70
The Nanny Diaries
The boy in the striped Pajamas
The Three Pronged dagger
Ipod! therefore I am!
The Dragon man
Bones to Ashes
Grave Secrets
Bare Bones(Yep I spent a weekend with Tempe!)
Heartsick ----80
Cross Bones (Thanks L1nda for continuing my Tempe obsession!)
Inside out, upside down
The Kite Runner
Across the Nightingale floor The Otori episode 1
Hot Iron Corrugated sky, 100 years of Queensland writing
Mary Mary
Those Faraday Girls
The Form Guide
The Christmas Visitor ---90
Pop goes the Weasel
Hell Island
Q is for Quarry
Red Leaves
Shopaholic and baby (I still hate Bex but I'm curious how she can cope with a child)
Sunrise on Kusatsu harbour
Across the Nightingale floor --98
No shitting in the toilet

Books Read 2008

Books Read 2008
Deja Dead (yahoo Tempe again!)
PS I Love you
It's my party and I'll knit if I want to
Life Expectancy
Death du jour
Deadly Decisions
Fatal Voyage
Touch Me I'm sick
Diary of a Married Call Girl
The Timewasters letters
Friday Night Knitting club
A Spot of Bother
The showgirl and the Brumby
The Memory Keepers Daughter
The Road to paradise (mums)
A Thousand Splendid suns
Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl
How to Kill your Husband 20
A Quality of Light
The Husband
Unlocking the meaning of LOST
Bed Rest
Real Wired Child
Postcards from the bed
Clan of the Cave Bear
Girlfriend in a coma
Rainbow Boys
Lonely Planet Sydney
Change of Heart
Danny Wallace and the Journey to the centre of the Universe
One for the Money
Almost French
Diaries of an Internet Lover
The Apricot Colonel
Sheer Abandon
In One Skin
Menace in the Mulga 40
One Book Many Brisbanes 3
The Front
Rex Granger
The Almost Moon
The Notebook
My Horizontal Life
Pieces of Blue
The Broken Book 50
Au reviour
Last Drinks
The washerwomans Dream
Deadly Tide
Bubbles A Broad
Man Bites Dog
Head Over Heels
Amanda's Wedding
1st to Die
2nd Chance 60
3rd Degree
The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy
Secret Sydney
The Lucy Family Alphabet
Black Ice
Still Waters
Shopaholic ties the Knot
In Touch With Grace
Wife For Hire
Serendipity 70
Life on the refrigerator door
The Wishlist
Bet Me
All my life for sale
Nights in Rodanthe
A Taste for It
When a Tree Falls
Wits End before Breakfast 80
17 Browning Street
Voodoo doll
More Booklust
Eat,Pray, Love
Odd Thomas
Forever Odd
Brother Odd
Odd Hours
Living the Good Life