Monday, 25 August 2008

Wins 1999 $2167

Oral B pack $20
Fish pack $30
Teddybear $50
PJs $30
Kmart Voucher $20
Winfield hat $15
Chickadees book $5
Treasure island Book $10
Maternity voucher $100
1 months supplt chips $50
Bebelle pack $20
Thomas Tank Pack $60
Herbal Essences pack $25
Stefan Voucher $50
First Aid Kit $100
Colgate pack $20
Franklins shirt and bottle $15
Fruit tray $60
Lullaby tape $15
Homeopathic teething pack $25
Movie pass x2 $20
walkman $200
paralympics tickets $60
Starwars jigsaw $40
starwars tickets $25
10 Cd singles $50
Backstreet boys cd single $5
Johnsons pack $25
baby expo passes $25
maggi packs x 5 $50
zippo $50
cookie monster book $5
godzilla video $25
dirty dog sunglasses $200
tomee tippee baby bottles $30
soccer ball $20
movie tickets walk on moon $25
hooley dooley pack $80
al dente cookbook $10
Stuf pack $20
lullaby tape $10
white king hamper $80
movie pass Elmo $40
fish book $5
recipe cards $5
Lays $10
LCM's pack $15
Grand theft auto pack $100
Tickets Inspector gadget $40
Oneill wallet $10
leggos cookbook $5
Its a girl cd $15
movie tickets Muppets in space $40
lion pin $10
Febreeze $7
Al dente cookbook $5
hallmark pack $20
pokemon cards $30
talking teletubby $50

Wins 1998 $355

Cinderella On Ice pack $30
Wok $30
All saints Pack $30
Scallywags pass $15
Armageddon Cd $20
Hallmark Pack $15
Mother and baby Pack $15
Potty $30
single bed doona and curtains $150
Silymitt pack $5
Cheesesticks $5
Nickelodeon shirt $10

Wins 1997 $677

Coke Backpack $25
2 tickets Michael $20
Photo voucher $100
So good drink pack $5
Fire and Ice tickets $7
Southbank on Ice tickets $15
Swan Princess pack $60
Titanic Soundtrack $25
Tickets to Disney on Ice $100
Teletubby set $80
Wetn wild pass $80
Backpack $10
Men in Black Pack $100
Sofa Lounge kids $50
Cocacola gold sovereign $200

wins 1996 $445

Auto Night light $20
Tickets to Frozenworld $25
Pooh Bear Nursery Products $400

wins 1995 $50

750gm pack ColdPower $10
Baby Bottle set $10
Baby bottles $10
Disney Wall Plaque $5
Desk Calendar $5
Temperature dummy $10

Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Brisbane Eye

The Brisbane Eye opens this week at Southbank.

"World Tourist Attractions Australia is proud to announce the arrival in 2008 of a new 60m wheel, in partnership with the South Bank Corporation. The wheel is located at the South Bank in the heart of Brisbane's cultural, lifestyle and entertainment district.

After a brief introduction to the facilities available, passengers enter one of the 42 fully enclosed, climate controlled capsules and are gently lifted to a height of 60 meters for a spectacular view of the city. Lasting approximately 13 minutes, the wheel experience also features a commentary pointing out local landmarks.

We welcome visitors with disabilities to The Wheel of Brisbane. Wheelchair users please note that the door width is 74cm, however standard wheelchairs are available on site, subject to availability.

Tickets can be purchased in person from the ticket office located at the wheel, advanced booking, at discounted rates, is also available via our online system

The Wheel of Brisbane at South Bank is owned and operated by World Tourist Attractions Australia Pty Ltd."



Adult : $13.50
Child (3-12 years) : $9.00
Child (1-3 years) : $1.80
Infant : FREE
Private Gondola : $85.50


Adult : $15.00
Child (3-12 years) : $10.00
Child (1-3 years) : $2.00
Infant : FREE
Private Gondola : $95.00

60m high, the same height as the Eye that was at Seaworld for 2006/2007.
Higher then the Eye that was at the Ekka which was 45m (and the old Ekka ferris wheel is 35m)

Friday, 8 August 2008

Strathpine Park

Things to do: Bring your bikes, watch the ducks on the ponds,bring a ball to kick around, visit the site of the Normanby distillery, a great playground for the kids,climb the lookout, room to run!

Getting There: Catch a train to Strathpine Station and cross the road at the lights.

Don't Forget: Hats, suncreen

Check Out: The paths keep going along past Westfield shopping centre

Other Options: Visit Westfield Foodcourt for lunch.
Visit Lei Park at Lawnton

More Info:
Bike path maps

Mayne Inheritance Tours

Tours for 2008 are over, but contact Livingheritage to be informed of tours in 2009.

Tour of sites associated with the Mayne family and the bizarre murder mystery.
Cost $40

More Info:

More Info on the Mayne Family

Maleny Dairy Farm

THIS ONE YOU WILL NEED TRANSPORT FOR, but I am including it as it is an interesting day out.

Things to Do: Dairy Farm tour and free tasting.

Getting There: Maleny is 30km south west of Caloundra

Don't Forget: closed in shoes, hat and sunscreen

Check Out: The Lunch Menu available and fresh milk at great prices.

Other Options: Nearby Mary Cairncross Park.

More Info: