Sunday, 27 May 2012

These are a few of my favourite things....

Here are a few of my favourite things- I was going to include my favourite baby items but have decided they will get their own post!

So... Pascalls Marshmellows, yum!

 I love the coloured pack with the yellow ones, Banana yum! The new choc covered ones are pretty nice too and I did get sucked in by the Pascall swirl ones for a while.
And the very best way to eat them? Buy some crispy MandM's as well  and shove them inside the Marshmellows!

Cocacola Zero   and  Nescafe coffee,  Caffeine is a big part of surviving 5 kids!

TimTams Is there anyone who doesn't love Timtams? So many flavours to choose from! I love the good old original ones, just have to hide them from the kids! Right now you can win some great prizes by buying Arnotts biscuits from Woolworths including a years supply of TimTams! There's also a pretty cool Timtam advertising promotion on now where you can be a star in your own ad! 

Pineoclean wipes, My kids make lots of mess, these are great for cleaning up mess, rather then the kids just moving the mess around with a sponge.
PineOclean Glen 20 spray is awesome too, the crisp linen fragrance is the best!

Omo Sensitive Again, mess control! We've tried lots of different powders and liquids but this one does the best job!

Garnier BB Cream  Thanks to Daisy I tried BB cream and I love it, sun protection and a light foundation in one! Thanks Daisy for your recommendation !

Lynx deodorant, the new Anarchy for girls, but also Dark Temptation, both my teenage girls prefer Lynx over "girls" deodorants. (And not just because I won an amazing holiday from Lynx!)

Apple products,
This is our household collection, the ipad, iphone, classic, the mini and 2 of the shuffles are mine. I was devastated when my original ipod was stolen when our house was broken into.
I've only had the ipad for 2 weeks but it's the most brilliant thing ever!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

I didn't breastfeed my first 3 babies, my first husband said breastfeeding was "for poor people" and that "women only do it because they want men to perve on them". Turns out those were his mothers opinions.
I probably should have fought harder but first time round everything was pretty overwhelming as it was and all the other mothers I knew at the time bottle fed their babies.
3rd time round I did want to breastfeed but when the nurse asked he answered for me with bottle feeding thanks.
My 4th baby was breastfed for 6 months with formula topups, My 2nd husband is much more supportive about breastfeeding. I probably could have fed baby 4 for longer if I'd had a bit more information. I thought I was low on milk but now I know a lot more about breastfeeding I know I probably was doing fine, I was just thinking about it from a bottlefeeding view, "It's only been 2 1/2 hrs he can't be hungry again".

This time I've fed baby H 51/2 months so far, bar some formula on her 1st day to help settle her blood sugars and that was tube fed anyway not via a bottle.
I hope to feed her for at least 12 months, it's just so convenient and easy, and I love feeding her early in the mornings.
She's my last baby so I'm glad to have gotten it right this time round.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

But trust me on the sunscreen…

I'm a readhead, a "Ranga", Carrot top and all those other horrid names.
I didn't bother much with sunscreen or hats as a kid or as an adult and now I'm paying for it.
Currently I have about 30 stitches in  the back of my head and it hurts.
I've lost count of the sun cancers I've had removed but I've had one skin graft and at least 2 big removals both on my face and now my scalp.
Wish I'd worn a hat now.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hello....Is it me you're looking for?

Maybe it's just me, maybe my expectations are too high, maybe I'm just a bit too weird or too awkward, but at almost 40 I'm still trying to find my "BFF" .
I have a good friend but she lives too far away, too far to just drop in for coffee or to go shopping with.

Since babyH was born I've joined a mothers group and tried 2 different playgroups and the ABA group, but I still never seem to find the right kind of people. The sort of people I can feel compfrotable with and not feel like I'm trying to find the right things to say all the time.

I've met people through penpalling and through Bookcrossing and Geocaching, through the P&C at school and through parenting forums. I've met some wonderful people but not my BFF.

How did you meet your BFF?

Start Spreading the news....

My 1st blog post.. what to write?
I'm almost 40 and I have 5 kids between 19years and 5 months. 3 girls, 2 boys.
I had an 11 year gap between the last two so it's like starting all over again.
Everyone keeps saying "You must be an expert", but I have found someone changed all the "rules" in that 11 years!
So I've been  spending a lot of time at home and I've been bored and a bit lonely, so I started reading a lot of "Mummy blogs" and decided I would start my own. Probably nobody will read it but that's ok with me!