Thursday, 20 December 2012

Life Begins at 26-40

All 40 postcards have been sent!

I sent cards to Australia (NSW,TAS,Qld,SA), New Zealand, Holland, Estonia, Canada, England, Latvia, Algeria, Brazil, Switzerland, Finland and America!

I've had a reply from Patty at Just Letter Rip

Card 26 went to April in the USA, April and I wrote to each other a few times then stopped, I'm not sure what happened. So I sent April one of my cards.

Card 27 went to Jenn from Mountains and Musings who sent me a Pantone postcard a while ago.

Sorcha was the recipient of card number 28, Sorcha is also doing a mail project, she's making some fantastic mailart!

Cards 29,30 and 31 all went to members of Bookcrossing who replied to a post in the forums there. Card number 30 went off to Algeria, I don't think I've ever sent a card to Algeria before, not even through Postcrossing.

Card 32 went to Colleen in the USA, like April, Colleen and I used to write and stopped. Maybe I'll find some of my old penpals through this project.

Card 33 I sent to Talita from Brazil whose name I found on the GoodMailDay blog.

And cards 34-40 all went to members of Bookcrossing who had replied to my post in the forums.
Cheating I know but I sent 2 to Finland, 1 to Switzerland, 3 to the USA and 1 to England.

Hopefully some of my 40 postcards made people happy to get a surprise in the mail, much better then a letterbox full of bills!
I enjoyed sending them out and finding people to send them to.
Hopefully over time I will get a few more replies!

In my search for mail projects, I found Love Notes So I joined Jennifer's project and have sent 2 of my Love Notes out so far. Mine are not as artistic as some of the ones Jennifer has posted on her blog, but hopefully my partner has enjoyed them. I haven't received mine in the mail yet.


  1. Hi Wendy! I have received your beautiful postcard - thanks so much! It was such a treat & I totally dig the bear. Where do you find all your magnificent art cards?

    1. Sorcha All the postcards I sent out are from a box of 100.
      You can buy them box on Fishpond-

      There are some really unusual postcards in there!

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  3. Very creative of you. I am #21 on your list. You are #1 on my alphabet card list. :)

    I will stay tuned.