Friday, 14 December 2012

Here come Santa Claus....

Danielle at Fivelittlereasons posted last week about How to get the best Santa photo and included a photo of her lovely Christmas album that she keeps all their Santa photos in.

I looked around for a similar album and couldn't find anything. So I looked at Kmart in their photo album section and they had nothing that would hold a single photo to a page.

But in the Scrapbooking department I found the perfect album-
A Creativ  brand 8'x8' scrap booking album in Red.

 They were only $5 each and you can buy extra pages to add in. My Kmart didn't have the extra pages so I bought 2 albums as I have photos of my kids with Santa from 1992 onwards, so I needed more then the 20 spaces there are in one album.
I printed the dates on a piece of paper and slipped it in the cover. I kept it plain but you could do something more fancy if you liked.
Much better then before where all our photos were just loose in the paper cards you get with the photos.
This photo was taken in 1992, when I had just one child!

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