Sunday, 27 May 2012

These are a few of my favourite things....

Here are a few of my favourite things- I was going to include my favourite baby items but have decided they will get their own post!

So... Pascalls Marshmellows, yum!

 I love the coloured pack with the yellow ones, Banana yum! The new choc covered ones are pretty nice too and I did get sucked in by the Pascall swirl ones for a while.
And the very best way to eat them? Buy some crispy MandM's as well  and shove them inside the Marshmellows!

Cocacola Zero   and  Nescafe coffee,  Caffeine is a big part of surviving 5 kids!

TimTams Is there anyone who doesn't love Timtams? So many flavours to choose from! I love the good old original ones, just have to hide them from the kids! Right now you can win some great prizes by buying Arnotts biscuits from Woolworths including a years supply of TimTams! There's also a pretty cool Timtam advertising promotion on now where you can be a star in your own ad! 

Pineoclean wipes, My kids make lots of mess, these are great for cleaning up mess, rather then the kids just moving the mess around with a sponge.
PineOclean Glen 20 spray is awesome too, the crisp linen fragrance is the best!

Omo Sensitive Again, mess control! We've tried lots of different powders and liquids but this one does the best job!

Garnier BB Cream  Thanks to Daisy I tried BB cream and I love it, sun protection and a light foundation in one! Thanks Daisy for your recommendation !

Lynx deodorant, the new Anarchy for girls, but also Dark Temptation, both my teenage girls prefer Lynx over "girls" deodorants. (And not just because I won an amazing holiday from Lynx!)

Apple products,
This is our household collection, the ipad, iphone, classic, the mini and 2 of the shuffles are mine. I was devastated when my original ipod was stolen when our house was broken into.
I've only had the ipad for 2 weeks but it's the most brilliant thing ever!

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