Friday, 4 May 2012

Hello....Is it me you're looking for?

Maybe it's just me, maybe my expectations are too high, maybe I'm just a bit too weird or too awkward, but at almost 40 I'm still trying to find my "BFF" .
I have a good friend but she lives too far away, too far to just drop in for coffee or to go shopping with.

Since babyH was born I've joined a mothers group and tried 2 different playgroups and the ABA group, but I still never seem to find the right kind of people. The sort of people I can feel compfrotable with and not feel like I'm trying to find the right things to say all the time.

I've met people through penpalling and through Bookcrossing and Geocaching, through the P&C at school and through parenting forums. I've met some wonderful people but not my BFF.

How did you meet your BFF?

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  1. Mine was playgroup a long time ago when my first born was little. I notice it's harder with the younger ones to meet people. I think with a large family people have different ideas about you. Congrats on your new baby girl.