Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Under an old brass paperweight Is my list of things to do today................

Making : a corkboard display for the entry
Cooking : Canned soup for a lazy dinner
Drinking : Pepsi
Reading: "what to do when someone dies" Nicci French
Wanting: to find a Balmoral Kitchen hutch secondhand.
Looking: at houses on Real
Playing: smurfs village
Wasting: lots of out of date jars of stuff from the fridge.
Sewing: nothing, hopefully one day soon.
Wishing: for time back
Enjoying: hearing Miss H say "oh dear"
Waiting: for surprises in the mail
Liking: the cooler weather
 Wondering: why everyone is so crazy about Offspring.
Loving: the 3 day weekend coming up
Hoping:  to go to the Ekka
Marvelling: at Miss H "counting" 2,3 at 20mnths
Needing:  a hug
Smelling: mandarins
Wearing: purple and grey
Following: the herd
Noticing: the grass looks good cut really low
Knowing: there's the zoo to look forward to
Thinking: about things left unsaid
Bookmarking: recipes into Evernote
Opening: the mail
Giggling: at silly internet jokes
Feeling: relieved

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  1. Many things to do, some of them are really great! :)