Thursday, 11 April 2013

Love is like a letter wrote And life is like an envelope....

These are a few of my favourite letter writing items and some that are on my wishlist!

A Paper Plane Satchel, I actually really like the overnight bag but I can't find anywhere that has them in Australia at the moment. I already have the makeup/washbag.

Lots and lots of things from Little Paper Lane , I could spend a fortune on all the lovely things in Little Paper Lane. If I ever get to go to NSW again, I'm definitely going there! They have a great range of rubber stamps.

Washi Tape!! I have a couple of rolls from Typo but there are so many lovely ones at Cutetape.

Love the Life you live postcards.  I have 2 different boxed sets of postcards, these new ones are on my wishlist!

Letter Writers Alliance membership. I'm currently waiting for mine to come in the mail! I love their pigeon stamp too.

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