Monday, 11 February 2013

C'mon deliver the letter, the sooner, the better...

The Indextrious Reader is hosting this cool Reading Challenge.
Read 4,8 or 12 Postal themed books and review them.

I've just finished reading "Every Boy's got one" by Meg Cabot, which I *think* qualifies as postal themed, it's written in lots of diary entries, PDA entries, Blackberry emails and telegraphs.

It's typical light, funny Cabot, suitable for older teens but still amusing for adults, a good book to read when you need a rest from heavier books. 
I liked the way it was written with the main character Jane, writing in her journal while still having conversations, (I've no idea how she wrote that fast though) and the parts about her cat "The Dude" were hilarious. 
I'm not sure you can take a cat directly from the USA to Italy, surely there'd be quarantine issues there, but it was set in 2005 I guess. 

Other Books I might read for the challenge include-
Feeling sorry for Celia (read)
Daddy long legs and Dear Enemy (Bc book and ebook)
Dear Zoe *library
Next to Love (read)
You gotta have balls (bc book)
Tom the outback mailman * library
The Baker st Letters *library
13 little blue envelopes (ebook)
Going Postal ?
A local post office history book *library
The Distant Hours ?
92 Pacific Boulevard (bc book)
50 harbour street (bc book)
The Prodigal sister (mums)
The Shelly beach writers group (mums)
Perks of being a wallflower ?
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (bc book)


  1. Thanks for joining in! Looks like some great choices in your list; I love Daddy Long legs, and of course Maureen Johnson's little blue envelopes as well :)

  2. Do you already have the books ready or is just a provisional list? I have a copy of Daddy Long Legs if you need it. On a slightly different tangent, I also have a book called "Going Postal" by Nathan Millward. The problem is it's not about letter writing - it's a travel book about a bloke travelling on a postie bike!


  3. Sorry, I didn't read your list properly. I've just noticed that "Going Postal" is already on your list!